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Menhaden Milk, Quart

Menhaden Milk, Quart
Code: V301101
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Voodoo Offshore Menhaden Milk is a revolutionary new product designed to attract fish both inshore and offshore. The unique feature of Menhaden Milk is its ability to mix throughout the water column instead of floating primarily on the surface. Because of its water miscible properties, menhaden milk keeps your chum slick constant at whatever depth you release it thus allowing you to chum fish to your boat at any depth.
It may be frozen or used in its liquid state. Voodoo Offshore Menhaden Milk is sold in the form of a concentrate that must be diluted with water prior to use, making Voodoo Offshore Menhaden Milk available at approximately half the price of traditional menhaden oil (1 gal. of concentrate makes up to 4 gal. of useable product). Because fish olfactory senses are dependent upon water solubility oil molecules, micronized and emulsified Menhaden Milk is not only less expensive, but also more efficient.