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PENN Neoprene Spinning Reel Cover - SMLSRC

PENN Neoprene Spinning Reel Cover - SMLSRC
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Protect your investment with neoprene reel covers which display the famous PENN logo and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all PENN reels on the market today. The covers are composed of a super thick and durable 5 millimeter neoprene material and feature triple stitched seams, eliminating runs and tears often seen in lesser quality reel covers.

PENN Reel Covers stay securely fastened with Velcro closures and allow for easy storage and a better fit for PENN spinning reels. Whether you’re storing your gear or running out to your favorite spot, these covers will protect your investment to ensure peak performance every time.

  • 5mm Neoprene Covers
  • Triple Stitched Seams
  • Durable Velcro Closures

    Fits CQR2000 CQR4000 AF1000 AF2000 AF3000 AF4000 SSV3500 SSV4500 260 360 420SSg 430SSg 4200SS 4300SS CFT1000 CFT2000 CFT2500 CFT3000 CFT4000 BTLII1000 BTLII2000 BTLII2500 BTLII3000 BTLII4000 SG1000 SG2000 SG3000 SG4000 FRC1000 FRC2000 FRC3000 FRC4000 CV22000 CV24000 PURII3000 PURII4000