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VMC DYNACUT SOUTHERN TUNA 8709 - Size 10/0 - 2 per pack

VMC DYNACUT SOUTHERN TUNA 8709 - Size 10/0 - 2 per pack

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With four ultra-sharp cutting edges and four perfectly symmetrical glassy faces, the VMC® DYNACUT point does not require any additional sharpening. The geometry of the VMC® DYNACUT BIG GAME POINT makes it stick inside the mouth of the fish instantly for a perfect setting of the hook and a safe and clean fight. The DYNACUT BIG GAME POINT was shaped to last and resist enormous pressure applied to it during the setting of the hook. The unique geometry of the DYNACUT point is the result of intensive field testing in the most famous Big Game locations around the world.

VMC exclusive Dynacut Point is the optimum hook for Big Game Fishing. The unique design allows the hook to easily penetrate the hardest part of the jaw in game fish such as Marlin, Shark and giant Tuna. Each hook is hand-tuned to achieve a perfect sharpness. A coating is applied after the sharpening process, ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion.

Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel. All VMC hooks are the result of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicated to perfection.

  • 6X Strong
  • Four Ultra Sharp Cutting Edges
  • Forged
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Dynacut Point
  • Tin finish